, a New Developer Conference in Quebec City

A desire to increase opportunities for software developers to learn and share their knowledge in Quebec City ignited the creation of, a new conference for developers. The idea that originated from a conversation over a beer was concretized on January 19 when 120 participants entered the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec for the first edition of

The conference created by Vincent Seguin and Guillaume Simard, two software developers from the region, instantly captured the interest of the community and was sold out in less than 7 hours. The presentations were rich in live demos and code examples with subjects covering programming languages, front-end development, machine learning, DevOps, and more.

The conference was comprised of 6 talks of 45 minutes and 5 lightning talks of 10 minutes. Here is a quick overview of all the presentations with links to the videos, slides and code when available.

Some slides are only available on the slack channel of, you can create a free account here to access them.

Main Conference Talks

React at Scale

William Fortin, Engineering Lead,

William (a.k.a. Martha Stewart) showed a live recipe to convert JavaScript code into TypeScript, and took pre-baked code from his oven to present Higher-Order Components, Render Props, and Hooks with React. With his live demo, William showed that enterprises can gradually adopt React by iteratively focusing on small rewrites.

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Elixir, a Functional Remedy to Web Development

Guillaume Cauchon, Software Engineer, Mirego

Elixir is a functional language designed for scalability and maintainability with a syntax inspired by Ruby. By diving into the language, configurations, tests, and deployment, Guillaume showed that Elixir might just be the solution to propel your Web application to the next level.

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Stream Processing on AWS Using the Kappa Architecture

Joey Bolduc-Gilbert, Software Developer & Team Lead, XpertSea

XpertSea analyzes information about aquatic organisms by using IoT devices to collect aquaculture data. Joey presented the core system of their data platform based on the Kappa Architecture for real-time stream processing, a simplified approach that avoids relying on a batch processing layer and where the code base depends instead on a single processing framework.

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Neural Network in Python

Carl Chouinard, Chief AI Officer, Vooban

Carl presented a Python implementation of a Neural Network created from scratch to classify images of numbers using the well-known MNIST dataset. From layers and activation functions to back-propagation and evaluation, Carl gave an overview of the building blocks behind Neural Networks.


Creating a Terraform Provider

André Thériault, Software Developer, Coveo
Maxime Coulombe, Software Developer, Coveo

Terraform is an open-source tool that uses declarative configuration files to create, manage, and update infrastructure resources. André and Maxime showed the power of Terraform by creating a custom Coveo provider and making a surprising revelation about a dreadful situation where the simplicity of a Terraform rollback saved the day.

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Code Review Like a Boss

Marc-Antoine Aubé, Programmer II, Poka

Code reviews are a way to collaborate, share knowledge, and improve the code base, but they don't always result in a positive experience. From a reviewer, an author, and a team standpoints, Marc-Antoine shared the best practices to transform code reviews in a learning and mentoring experience that everyone can enjoy.

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Lightning Talks

Customization with Vue.js

Jean-Sébastien Tremblay, Developer, Snipcart

Snipcart is an HTML and JavaScript-based shopping cart that can be easily integrated in a Web application to add e-commerce functionalities. Jean-Sébastien presented how Snipcart made the switch to Vue.js and were able to make their shopping cart overridable for customization purposes.


Deployment with Kubeflow

Mathieu D'Amours, Chief Technology Officer, Braver

Kubeflow combines the strength of Kubernetes and Tensorflow to simplify the deployments of machine learning workflows. Mathieu presented the different components of Kubeflow by diving into the core concepts behind Kubernetes, creating Tensorflow models with Jupiter Notebooks, and showing a quick example of Kubeflow at work.

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Templating with lit-html

Philippe Desjardins, Software Developer, XpertSea

Philippe wants to create an amazing application to like and dislike different types of Cabane, but he's not impressed by current Javascript frameworks and libraries like React, Vue.js, and Angular. Armed with lit-html, a new library to write HTML templates in JavaScript, Philippe created an efficient Cabane application right before our eyes.

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IoT to Server to WebSockets

Sébastien Légaré, Team Lead, Vooban

Keeogo is a lower-body exoskeleton designed to support those with mobility difficulties during daily activities. Sébastien presented how his team used WebSockets to solve the challenging task of connecting the Keeogo to the cloud for device updates, components integrity verification, and users statistics visualization.


Don't Get Oxidized with Rust

Pierre-Alexandre St-Jean, Senior Software Engineer,

Pierre-Alexandre is a hipster programmer who worships the programming language Rust. By impersonating a functional developer, an object-oriented programmer, and a Lisp guru, Pierre-Alexandre showed that Rust is adapted for different programming paradigms but there are many ways you can shoot yourself in the foot.

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